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EWS Quota in Medical Colleges 2019- 20

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EWS Quota in Medical Colleges 2019- 20

◆पुराने सरकारी मेडिकल कालेजों में ही नही बल्कि इस साल से प्रारम्भ हो रहे नए मेडिकल कॉलेजों में भी EWS scheme के तहत 10% seats की वृद्धि करी जाएगी।

◆इन नए कॉलेजो को शामिल करने के कारण अब सीट बढ़ाने के लिए आवेदन हेतु अंतिम तिथि को 7 जून तक आगे बढ़ा दिया गया है।

●वर्तमान seat matrix (जिसमें 10 प्रतिशत वृद्धि हो सकती है) कुछ ऐसी है।
★Total Government MBBS Seats through #NEET :
30,455 in 216 colleges

★Government MBBS Seats in
15% AI Quota : (J&K/Sikkim don’t participate)
4129 in 192 colleges

★Government MBBS Seats through 85% State Quota
23,378 in 192 colleges

EWS Quota in Medical Colleges :-

From academic year 2019-20, there is a proposal of 10% reservation quota for the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) among General Category candidates in medical colleg es (admissions on the basis of NEET-UG). Let’s see how you can get EWS certificate for NEET before Medical Counselling/Admissions 2019.

The benefit of reservation under EWS can be availed upon production of an “Income and Asset Certificate” issued by a Competent Authority (an officer not below the Tehsildar in the States/UTs).

How to Get EWS (Economically Weaker Section) Certificate for NEET?

EWS प्रमाण पत्र कैसे प्राप्त करें :-

Note : Income covered all sources i.e. salary, agriculture, business, profession, etc.

The Income and Asset Certificate issued by any one of the following authorities in the prescribed format shall only be accepted as proof of candidate’s claim as belonging to EWS.

District Magistrate/Additional District Magistrate/ Collector/ Deputy Commissioner/Additional’ Deputy Commissioner/ 1st Class Stipendiary Magistrate/ Sub-Divisional Magistrate/ Taluka Magistrate! Executive Magistrate/ Extra Assistant Commissioner
Chief Presidency Magistrate/Additional Chief Presidency Magistrate/ Presidency Magistrate
Revenue Officer not below the rank of Tehsildar
Sub-Divisional Officer or the area where the candidate and/or his family normally resides.
The Officer who issues the certificate would do the same after carefully verifying all relevant documents following due process as prescribed by the respective State/UT.

Eligibility for EWS (Economically Weaker Section) Quota in NEET

Whether you are considered as Economically Weak or not, is based on the income and assets of your family. To come under EWS, you will need to satisfy all the criteria listed below.

You are not availing the reservation for SCs, STs, and OBCs.

Your family* has a gross annual income below Rs 8 lakh.

Not having 5 acres of agricultural land and above.
Not having a residential flat of 1000 sq ft. and above.
Not having a residential plot of 100 sq. yards and above in notified municipalities.

Not having a residential, plot of 200 sq. yards and above in areas other than the notified municipalities.
*Family income means Parents and Sibling’s (below the age of 18 years) income only.