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1 . Dodge Viper car crash, United States of America

This is the ‘worst car accidents ever’ list was driving one of the most powerful American cars ever made, the Dodge Viper. As he was trying to push the car to its limits on an Arizona highway, he lost control at a speed of 170 miles per hour. The car flipped multiple times in the air and slammed hard against a pole, breaking in many places as a result. The horrific crash resulted in the death of the driver.


2. TVR 350C Accident, South Africa

In 2006, the driver of this posh ride was racing against another car (Mercedes SLK) in Johannesburg, South Africa when this incident occurred. The TVR was racing at an enormous speed of 140 MPH when the driver lost its control and crashed into an adjoining paved embankment. The high momentum gained by the car caused it to catapult in air, flipping several times under a nearby overpass before landing into a wrecked mess. Although there were no other casualties were reported, the driver of the vehicle died on the spot.

3. Lamborghini Murcielago, Egypt

The owner of this classy vehicle had bought his car only 6 days before this travestying incident. The car wasn’t yet insured either but the owner wanted a taste of its speed . It was then that a speeding truck cut caused the Lamborghini to break into rubble. However, though the driver lost $350,000, he was lucky enough to survive this accident.


4. Acura Integra car crash, Monaco

This entrant on the ‘worst car accidents ever’ list happened in the glamorous location of Monte Carlo, Monaco. The driver of the Integra was speeding down a desolate highway when an oncoming X-Terra caused him to lose control of the car. Trying to regain control, the driver rammed into the X-Terra instead. The driver of the Integra was killed on the spot.


5. Audi A6 Snap Chat Killer Accident, Manchester

In July 12, 2016 this ancient occurred , worst car crash branded as the snapchat killer accident is the best example for a reckless driving. Addil Haroon, 19 years old ran his hired Audi A6 at a speed of 142 mph and he ended smashing into the car of Joseph Brown-Lartey, 25 (another Audi). As the force was heavy, it made the victim’s car split into two and it’s killed him instantly.

6 . Mercedes Benz SLR 300 Accident, Le Mans

In 1955, Pierre Levegh who was behind the wheels of his Mercedes Benz 300 SLR lost his life in a terrible racing tournament at Le Mans. It happened when he attempted to pass his slower peer Austin Healey and hit the rear end of the car, The completely shattered and burning debris from the car went flying into the air, injuring over 100 shocked spectators and killing a massive 82


7 . Ferrari Enzo, Italy


This tragic incident occurred on a cool October afternoon of 2005 in Milan, Italy is another example of rash driving crashes. The Enzo, driven by a 41 year old man was racing at a speed of 160 MPH, which caused the driver to lose control of the car and whirling off into a massive collision. The driver was reported to be driving his million dollar car recklessly the day before this accident as well.


8. Multi-Car Pile-Up Accident, Germany

It must be claimed as one of the biggest car accidents in history. It won’t be surprising to know that the catastrophic incident took place on German Autobahn where not only speeding is allowed but also very much encouraged. In the mid of 2009, a huge 259 number of cars collided into each other to form the biggest car crash . About 66 people were badly injured and the estimated cost to clean up the mess came up to a massive $2.5 million.


9. Daytona Accident

This car crash is considered as one of the biggest car accidents in the history of motor racing. This incident has killed the driver Dale Earnhardt in 2001 who owned seven times championship and 76 race victories. During the final lap of the race, another racer, Kenny Schrader let his car went spinning into a wall eventually leading to Earnhardt’s death, tapped Earnhardt’s car.

10. Grand Prix Accident, South Africa

In the year 1977, during the South African Grand Prix, Tom Pryce met with a fire accident while on the race track. A field marshal came across the track with a fire extinguisher to combat the fire but Pryce who had lost control of the car hit him at a massive speed of 200 MPH, tearing the young man’s body into two halves.


11. Mercedes McLaren SLR Accident, Qatar

The worst car accident in history took place on a deserted highway in Qatar in 2008. The 22-year-old ecstatic driver of the car took his car at a flying speed of 160 MPH which led him lose control of the vehicle.

The car flipped in the air countless times before tearing into three pieces and getting scattered across the barren desert, killing the man instantaneously.

12. Ferrari 360 Modena Accident, France

This anccident occurred in the year 2004. The driver of the vehicle had his car reach a dangerous 130 MPH speed on a country road in the state. It is alleged that the driver was bragging to his girlfriend and trying to impress her with the speed of his swanky ride. both the man and his co-passenger managed to survive this deadly crash.


Types of Car Accidents


Common Types of Car Accidents

Many factors can go into the type of car accident a person may have such as the type of vehicle driven and the contributing .thet are :-

following are some of the more common types of car accidents occurred :-

Rear-End Accidents

This is Considered the most common type of accident, this occurs when the front end of one car hits the back-end of another. This type of crash could occur if a driver was tailgating or distracted, and if they were speeding it could lead to serious injuries.


This type of collision is just as it sounds, one car swipes another driving alongside of it, this can sometimes occur due to improper lane change or the driver being distracted and veering out of their own lane.

Head-On Collision

Most frequently this type of collision happens on roads where there is no barrier to stop one car from hitting another. Additionally, it may occur when a vehicle had turned down a one-way street and runs into an oncoming car, truck, or motorcycle.


According to the NHTSA, more than 280,000 rollover accidents occur each year; the South Carolina DPS notes that in 2009 there were 2,532 accidents in which one vehicle rolled over. These types of accidents can happen for many reasons and are often fatal .

Side-Impact/T-Bone Crash

Side-impact collisions mostly occur on intersections as it often involves a driver who negligently failed to obey traffic signs and signals. This type of crash happens when the front-end of a vehicle impacts with the side of another, typically ending in a T position. When cars are involved with trucks the type of collision that can occur includes jackknife accidents and truck underride.



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